Nora Hébert

Séraphine has been the maid at La Sagouine’s for several years! She is a bon vivant who loves to celebrate and have a little drink.

Chicaneuse forever and sworn enemy of Zelica since the beginning of time ... Séraphine will have for the first summer of her life, peace, holy peace! Zélica left to see her son Tom Pouce in Montreal. But will everything be calm on l’Île-aux-Puces? Will Séraphine be able to "Re-la-x" as she likes to say? It's up to you to find out.
I’m just an ordinary woman who has no choice but to work.
Mélanie LeBlanc

Maggie is an Acadian who lead an interesting life! Her head full of ideas, carrying the baggage of life filled with imagination. Some will say that her head is in the clouds, a dreamer but one thing is certain, she releases a creative energy out of the ordinary.

Since returning from the United States of the US of A ... her goal is to create the largest Cabaret Show in Eastern Canada!
When times get rough, mosey on down.
David Losier

Ben à Bélonie is Pierre-à-Pitre’s faithful friend! A little awkward and clumsy, he will find himself more than once in embarrassing situations... without even realizing it! A naive and endearing fellow with the hollow tooth and a sharp eye!

Son of fishermen, Ben à Bélonie would do anything to please his father but more than once he finds himself entangled in his own net.
Hello my name is Ben, Benoît. Benoît Boudreau, son of Bélonie Boudreau of Boudreau village.
Marc-André Robichaud

Pierrot is curious about everything and interested in everyone. He has acquired much knowledge on a wide range of subjects… but does not necessarily put it to use in the best way. The only time he lacks the words: when he is face to face with Joséphine, the girl of his heart!
La meilleure machine à tuer le temps pis à voyager au travers par en avant comme par en arrière, c’est cecitte : un livre !
Solange LeBlanc

She loves everyone, she helps everyone. The only daughter in a family of seven, she is still looking for her place and function on this Island. In addition to trying her hand a every djob, she tries to conquer the heart of Pierre-à-Pitre, not an easy task…
J’ai toute un lotte de fréres. Moi, je suis, la septième, pis au dire de mon pére j’ai des dons. Ben je les cherche encore !
Ludger Beaulieu

Acadian from Maine, everything is so strange to him on this Île-aux-Puces! Sceptical, he questions everyone on their habits. Will he find his place in this Pays?
Je le croirai pas tant que je le verrai pas.

André Roy

Born thirteenth in a family of twelve, Peigne runs around with his trailer, Marilotte. Vagabond without a fixed address, he knows how to charm everyone he meets with his naiveté and his simple approach to happiness.
Je suis un trou-jaune. Ben quoi? Y'a ben des trou-d'eau.
Florian Chiasson

Michel-Archange is the handiman who prefers to do nothing at all. He is a great hunter, as much in the woods as among the fairer sex: he loves women, all women, and would not hate to count among his conquests the indomitable Mariaagélas.
Chus point trop vieux pis encore vigoureux, tu sauras !
Denise Bouchard

Mariaagélas is a strong, proud and independent woman who is not afraid of anything or anyone. She does not hesitate to upset the conventions that hinder her freedom and those of all women in general.
On ne marche pas sur le pied d'une Gelas !
Luc LeBlanc

The adorable Citrouille is pure of heart and spirit. For his greatest misfortune, he is also the son of La Sainte who does everything to keep him away from life, especially Mariaagélas whom he loves, but that his mother considers the worst drag.
Avez-vous vu ma mère ?