Come have a drink or a meal on the most beautiful terrace east of Montreal, according to us! The view is unmatched! Make sure to bring your camera! On Friday evening, you will discover the artist and host Hert LeBlanc who offers a musical entertainment in the colors of our region.
Harvest of ancient words, Acadian words, expressions from here and lots of stories!
The Gelas, Maria's family, have made sure that there is always "spice" on Ile-aux-Puces and today, Maria, the bootleggeuse keeps the tradition alive for the next generation. It is at Le Bootleggeux that she prepares her famous bagosse! We made sure to add other items for you! Local beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, coffee (sometimes the mornings are cool, it will warm you!) And other refreshments ... And like the Bootleggeux, it's the place to have fun, entertainment is never far!
Do you have a rumbling belly? Fill up at La Paneterie, our canteen, where you will find traditional Acadian items such as fricot and poutines à trou (an apple dessert!), or a little more modern fare like hot dogs or hamburgers.
Although it is not functional, it watches over the inhabitants of Ile-aux-Puces and serves as a landmark for local fishermen. Come meet the lighthouse keepers who will tell you the stories and legends they have woven in their many moments of solitude.
At the time, there were women in the kitchen and the men? In the forge or in the fisherman's hut! In our fisherman's corner, we talk about fishing, yes, but we also tell stories! Come meet our fisherman Édouard!
The barbers' daughters are now well established with their father's shop and make it their own! Stories, legends and gossip of the village, be sure not to share your secrets; it is likely to spread quickly on the island!
You will not find a blacksmith in our forge; he got scared and left the island! However, you will find a giant: the Acadian Giant, a very nice giant whose heart is even bigger than his arms! He will tell you about his impressive career. This is a little guy from the Country who now rubs shoulders with the stars of Hollywood, but his heart and soul are right here at home in Kent county.
A kid’s dream nook! In addition to leading craft sessions, we present our famous teddy bear - the most popular bear on Ile-aux-Puces! With his friends, Nounours has all kinds of beautiful adventures! Beautiful moments for little ones ... and big ones too!
Every village has its arguments! At le Pays, the feud is between the house of La Sainte and the house of la Sagouine, so be warned! After having visited the house of La Sagouine, go and see La Sainte’s, Citrouille's mother. The decor and atmosphere are very different!
If la Sagouine had been able to build her dream house, it would look like the one we built for her. Her house did not have a real floor, but a dirt floor. And although she is no longer with us on Ile-aux-Puces, she left us traces of her daily life. It was on her front door, installed on the lullaby chair, that it was found more often! Today you will meet Arthur. Make sure to ask him when is his next "kitchen party"! You will not want to miss this!
Our bridge is our emblem! You'll find his picture everywhere - it's a star! It is approximately 325 meters in length and it is quite possible that you want to cross it more than once during your visit as it is nice to find it! It is curved for environmental reasons and the design also helps to counter the effects of vertigo
Do you have a memory of a favorite aunt's or grandmother's kitchen? We do too! Every day, come learn how to prepare typical Acadian dishes with Mathilda who will be happy to welcome you to her kitchen! She will tell you this while preparing her recipes and if you are nice, she will let you have a taste!