A kid’s dream nook! In addition to leading craft sessions, we present our famous teddy bear - the most popular bear on Ile-aux-Puces! With his friends, Nounours has all kinds of beautiful adventures! Beautiful moments for little ones ... and big ones too!
Every village has its arguments! At le Pays, the feud is between the house of La Sainte and the house of la Sagouine, so be warned! After having visited the house of La Sagouine, go and see La Sainte’s, Citrouille's mother. The decor and atmosphere are very different!
If la Sagouine had been able to build her dream house, it would look like the one we built for her. Her house did not have a real floor, but a dirt floor. And although she is no longer with us on Ile-aux-Puces, she left us traces of her daily life. It was on her front door, installed on the lullaby chair, that it was found more often! Today you will meet Arthur. Make sure to ask him when is his next "kitchen party"! You will not want to miss this!
Our bridge is our emblem! You'll find his picture everywhere - it's a star! It is approximately 325 meters in length and it is quite possible that you want to cross it more than once during your visit as it is nice to find it! It is curved for environmental reasons and the design also helps to counter the effects of vertigo