Although it is not functional, it watches over the inhabitants of Ile-aux-Puces and serves as a landmark for local fishermen. Come meet the lighthouse keepers who will tell you the stories and legends they have woven in their many moments of solitude.
At the time, there were women in the kitchen and the men? In the forge or in the fisherman's hut! In our fisherman's corner, we talk about fishing, yes, but we also tell stories! Come meet our fisherman Édouard!
The barbers' daughters are now well established with their father's shop and make it their own! Stories, legends and gossip of the village, be sure not to share your secrets; it is likely to spread quickly on the island!
You will not find a blacksmith in our forge; he got scared and left the island! However, you will find a giant: the Acadian Giant, a very nice giant whose heart is even bigger than his arms! He will tell you about his impressive career. This is a little guy from the Country who now rubs shoulders with the stars of Hollywood, but his heart and soul are right here at home in Kent county.