Come have a drink or a meal on the most beautiful terrace east of Montreal, according to us! The view is unmatched! Make sure to bring your camera! On Friday evening, you will discover the artist and host Hert LeBlanc who offers a musical entertainment in the colors of our region.
Harvest of ancient words, Acadian words, expressions from here and lots of stories!
The Gelas, Maria's family, have made sure that there is always "spice" on Ile-aux-Puces and today, Maria, the bootleggeuse keeps the tradition alive for the next generation. It is at Le Bootleggeux that she prepares her famous bagosse! We made sure to add other items for you! Local beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, coffee (sometimes the mornings are cool, it will warm you!) And other refreshments ... And like the Bootleggeux, it's the place to have fun, entertainment is never far!
Do you have a rumbling belly? Fill up at La Paneterie, our canteen, where you will find traditional Acadian items such as fricot and poutines à trou (an apple dessert!), or a little more modern fare like hot dogs or hamburgers.