Pays de la sagouine
The Pays de la Sagouine celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017. The Pays de la Sagouine is a theatrical village and opened in 1992 on a small natural island in the middle of Bouctouche Bay. The Pays de la Sagouine is foremost a meeting place where the imagination of a great Acadian author, Antonine Maillet, gives life to many characters, all more endearing than others.

This tourist attraction is unique in Canada because it comes entirely from a literary work, that of the Acadian writer Antonine Maillet, novelist and playwright of international reputation. Originally from Bouctouche, Antonine Maillet is the author of the famous Sagouine and many award-winning novels in Canada and elsewhere. The author has also won the highest literary distinction, the Prix Goncourt, for her novel Pélagie la charrette.

Le Pays de la Sagouine is a non-profit organization with more than 150 employees. A board of directors, , made up of people from surrounding communities, serves as a committee that advises Pays de la Sagouine's managers. Its mission is to celebrate l’Acadie through the imaginary world of Antonine Maillet.

As one of the largest Acadian employers of the performing arts, Pays de la Sagouine is an ambassador for Acadia and a gateway to the world where visitors come to know our culture and our joie de vivre. The Acadians come to recognize each other by celebrating this same joy of living. With the character of La Sagouine, it represents the ultimate pride and origin of the inspiration of a people.

Since opening, it has welcomed over 1.5 million visitors and is the economic engine of tourism in the greater Kent area, bringing many economic benefits to the region.