La Sagouine

La Sagouine, one of the great characters created by Antonine Maillet, became the spokesperson of a whole people. This woman, of modest origin, has an implacable logic and a pure and direct look on the world.

Through old, rare and poetic words, it brings us back to a primordial thing: human dignity.

Since the creation of La Sagouine's character in 1971, this text has quickly become a larger-than-life phenomenon. The play was performed in French and English in Canada as well as in French-speaking Europe. With the words of Antonine Maillet, , which focus on the identity of a people, and with the voice and presence of extraordinary actress Viola Léger, La Sagouine has crossed borders and cultures. Viola Léger retired from public life in 2017. Irreplacable, the character of La Sagouine is not currently cast in Le Pays' programming.

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