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Patricia Léger

patricia big
Memramcook NB

Patricia Léger is a versatile artist who worked in theatre as an actress, author, stage director, singer and teacher on both coasts of Canada. Recently, she played the title-role in the short film The Bannisters, broadcast on CBC this fall and in the web series de La Vallée (Productions Mozus). She also worked at the scripting of both these projects. She appeared in the movie Délivrance CBC and SRC) and The Phantoms (CBC). In the series Les chroniques de Memramcook (SRC), she played three characters. Patricia also undertook the direction of eleven theatre works at the Monument Lefebvre, including Les Marie-Salopes, Foxtrot dans un pont couvert, Pattes de Poules, Couronné bein raide, De travers, and Chez Zel-Mai (co-author with Diane-Carmel Léger). All of these were well-received by the public. During the last season of Laurie ou la vie de galerie, she played Bénalda. She is happy to audition for the role of la Sagouine in this classic Acadian literary work.