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Le Pays de la Sagouine is an eclectic reproduction of a prohibition-era fishing village. Discover the Acadian culture through unique characters (lien vers slide personnages), theatre, music, comedy, dance and cuisine (lien vers slide Activités) on a small island in the town of Bouctouche.

Les vendordis du Pays

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Le Pays de la Sagouine lights up in the evening with live musical performances on the island known as Les VENDORDIS du PAYS! Join the locals and celebrate in true Acadian fashion!

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La Sagouine, legendary character 
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La Sagouine, one of Antonine Maillet's great characters, has become a spokesperson for the Acadian people. This woman of modest origins possesses unremitting logic and a pure and honest view of the world. With her old-fashioned, rare and poetic words, she brings us back to the essential: human dignity.

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The Characters of Le Pays de la Sagouine

At Le Pays de la Sagouine, you will meet year after year characters issued from Antonine Maillet's books. They can be seen and heard at the dinner theatres and also on the island during the day, talking with the visitors.

C'est point d'aouère de quoi qui rend une parsoune bénaise, c'est de saouère qu'a va l'aouère.

- La Sagouine



24 April 2014


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Le Pays' blog

Mark these dates down on your calendar!

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Needless to say, Fridays…oops, I meant Vendordis won’t be the same in Bouctouche! Y’all don’t believe me? Go have a look at the new musical programming that Le Pays de la Sagouine team concocted for us. You’re gonna do the same as me and circle those dates on your calendars. All shows on Fridays will have a thematic approach.

The idea came about with last year’s three successful theme shows. You remember don’t you, George Jones, the August 15th show and September’s Classic Country? There was a crowd of people on l’Ile-aux-Puces the likes of which we’d rarely seen. Big and beautiful parties; so much so, that people are still talking about it. 


V'nez à la noce !

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Y'a deux places dans la vie où le monde semble de s'faire un plaisir de s'comporter de façon bizarre : aux funérailles pis aux noces. Non mais avouez, c'est les meilleures places pour des gossips pis des commentaires... disons un peu déplacés. « Si y'r'garde ben ! Y'est quasiment plus beau mort que vivant. Ils l'ont ben arrangé ! » Ou ben... « Heille, as-tu vu la mère de la mariée. Pfff, tu croirais que c'est elle qui prend mari. A l'exagère ! » C'est beau, la charité chrétienne pareille...

Dans ce cas-citte, c'est les Chicaneuses qui s'en vont aux noces. Vous savez pas c'est quoi des chicaneuses ? Fallait le dire !


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Le Pays de la Sagouine would like to acknowledge the support of our sponsors and partners. Thanks to their contribution, we can continue to bring you shows that will surprise and entertain you while marking this unique culture that is l'Acadie.